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Maria Vinyoles Soler (Marieta)

… was responsible for the management of this House from the late nineteenth century (1892). Initially, the current location of No. 5 of the square, was destined to “food house” and No. 6, to the stables that welcomed animals and carriages in the days of the fruit and vegetable market, in the old square of St. Augustine (The name derives from the convent of the Augustinians located in the square), now better known as Independence Square.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, in times of growth of the Girona Casa Marieta Restaurant, inn services with accommodation were also offered.

The tenacity of the founder was inherited from father to son, until in the year 1992, recognized the work done by several generations by the Chamber of Commerce and the City Council of Girona, celebrating the Centenary with the presence of renowned authorities, such as the president of the Chamber of Commerce and other senior officials of the City Council, Provincial Council, Generalitat or Parliament of Catalonia. It was especially at this time, when Casa Marieta gets the greatest international recognition and becomes part of the select group of Centennial Restaurants in Spain.

Imatge Antiga Façana Restaurant Girona Casa Marieta

vicissitudes of the 4th generation were assumed by the 5th generation, with a change of family, trying not only to maintain the good of the past, but proposing the constant search to reinforce the path and give continuity in time. Between 1995 and 1999 important works were carried out to enhance the spirit of Casa Marieta and strengthen the complicity with the city.

From this moment on…

The installations show a symphony of places and images that recall the passage of generations:

The Sala Carbonera , was the place where the charcoal for the kitchen was stored, today decorated with stained glass windows made with the leaded technique, which narrate the process of making wine from the earth to the table.

In the Costa area , through the windows, we can see one of the most important parts of the Costa Brava, which delineates the maritime coast from Port de la Selva to Llançà and Portbou. These views are offered to us through pictorial art, simulating that we are in the upper part of the Monastery of San Pedro de Rodas…

We cannot forget the Rome area, with its modernist style benches, the “Coberta” or La Pedrera, that transmit a feeling found with history and that as if it were a museum, we discover in them numerous utensils and ancient elements that bring us closer to the way of life of our ancestors. Special prominence is given to the wonderful Pozo de los Deseos, located on the ground floor, which was a source of inspiration for the farmers at the end of the market, where after a good meal at CASA MARIETA, they deposited a coin to project their wishes.

It is worth highlighting the link between Casa Marieta and the life of the painter Dalí…

The painter Dalí at Casa Marieta Restaurant

and his wife Gala that is reflected in photographs dedicated to the Casa Marieta Restaurant, including the detail of the wedding registry held in Sant Martí Vell (a town very close to Girona), along with many others that can be seen in our facilities.

Presiding over the main hall, we will find a Impressive wooden altarpiece that turns it, with carvings of historical characters and typical sites of the demarcation, starting the tour with the imposing presence of the Girona Cathedral and the church of San Félix, presided over by the patron saint of the city, San Narciso.

Noble materials, wood and stone from the nearby mountains, metal forging and ancestral tools, are in supply with those who visit us, in a constant union with the history of Girona.

At present, the Centennial Restaurant Casa Marieta, continues to be a pillar of the Catalan and market cuisine, highlighting some typical dishes, among other classics, such as Duck with Pears, the Chicken with Norway lobsters, the Rustido de Fiesta Mayor, the Shoulder of Lamb in the Oven, the Sirloin with Foie or the “Suquet” de Pescado (fishermen’s recipe), presented by a team with a willingness to serve, attentive and close.

Current entrance Restaurant Girona Casa Marieta

In recent years, Casa Marieta, is projected as a reference for Associations and Tourist Boards, as well as in numerous and recognized entities that name it as one of the favorites to enjoy the history and gastronomy of this beautiful city, Girona.

We thank everyone… for being part of this history and with the desire that it be extended as long as possible.

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