From the 9th to the 18th of February we celebrate in Girona, with the help of the Hospitality Association, the “Romantic Girona“.

We have prepared a delicious menu to share as a couple, in the unique and romantic setting of our century-old restaurant Casa Marieta since 1892.

✨Do you know the legend of the Xuixo del Tarlà?:

Legend has it that the Tarlà fell in love with a beautiful girl, the daughter of a pastry chef. The girl’s father did not want Tarlà to get close to his daughter in any way. But, the Tarlà was determined to see the girl of his dreams. One day, taking advantage of the fact that the pastry chef was not at the bakery, he went to see his girlfriend. As he talked to her, he heard the pastry chef returning and had no choice but to hide inside a sack of flour. While the Tarlà was hiding, waiting for the man to leave, he breathed in the remains of flour that was inside the sack and sneezed and half covered himself, “xiu-xiu, atxim!”, with such bad luck that the girl’s father heard it and found it.

Tarlà, who wanted to be forgiven and ask for the hand of the girl who had stolen his heart, made the following proposal to the pastry chef: he would give him the recipe for a sweet as yet unknown, which would make him famous as a pastry chef throughout the province and the whole world. This sweet is the Xuixo, named after the sneeze that led to the discovery of Tarlà. And this was the way in which xuixo became the best-known sweet in Girona, and that Tarlà could marry his lover”

Here you can see our proposal for Menu C Menu Girona Romàntica Casa Marieta 2024